14 June 2014

Data management bookshelf: Simons & Richardson, New Content in Digital Repositories (2013)

Simons, N. & Richardson, J., 2013. New Content in Digital Repositories: The Changing Research Landscape, Witney, Oxford: Chandos Publishing.

I haven't had a chance yet to read this book, which was written by two of my colleagues at Griffith, Natasha Simons and Joanna Richardson. Natasha and Joanna have a wealth of experience in repositories and research data management, and have previous publications in this area, including a highly regarded article in the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication on training needs for repository staff.

The blurb for the book reads:
New Content in Digital Repositories explores the diversity of content types being stored in digital repositories with a focus on research data, creative works, and the interesting challenges they pose. Chapters in this title cover: new content types in repositories; developing and training repository teams; metadata schemas and standards for diverse resources; persistent identifiers for research data and authors; research data: the new gold; exposing and sharing repository content; selecting repository software; repository statistics and altmetrics.
The book has a foreword by David Groenewegen, the Director, Research Infrastructure at Monash University Library, as well as an introduction by Simon Hodson, the Executive Director of CODATA, the International Council for Science: Committee on Data for Science and Technology.

There is a disappointing lack of reviews of this book so far!