30 June 2015

Reflections on #blogjune 2015

Well, the end of the month came around quickly! Thanks as always to Con (@flexnib) for kickstarting and thanks to all the other participants. I've loved reading all your posts over your month and hope to see more from you in future.

This year I wrote just six posts (plus this one) compared to thirty last year. But I'm not beating myself up about it as I was really pleased with the posts that I did write; a couple of them (Times a-changing in library systems and linked open data and my contribution to the imposter syndrome discussion "I'm not a technical person, but...") have been viewed more than usual and are already my second and third most viewed posts on this blog.

One of the nicest things has been contributing to some of the shared discussions through the blog and on Twitter. It seems that these will continue through a new collaborative blogging venture that must surely be the most positive outcome of #blogjune.

Ironically my top two takeaways from this year's experience aren't about blogging at all. Kate (@katiedavis) wrote a great piece about the many ways that it's possible to contribute to this inspiring, messy, rewarding, complex, frustrating and wonderful profession of ours:
Blog. Comment on blogs. Tweet. Speak at conferences. Ask a question after a conference presentation. Write journal articles. Then tweet about your journal articles. Contact your nearest ‘library school’ and offer to speak or make a short video or write a blog post or host a tour for their courses. Write a short piece for inCite. Start or join a journal club. Kick off conversations on an elist (okay I’m stretching here. Do people still use these? I have to say I’m not subscribed to many and most get filtered straight to trash). Find an interest group on Facebook and stoke some conversation. Tweet links to the blog posts you’re reading, even (especially!) non-LIS ones. 
Contribute big: write meaty content. Or contribute small: make a comment here and there.
So I'm currently most enthused by my #blogjune experience not about writing more blog posts, but about finishing a journal article (meaty content!) that will be a more scholarly write-up of my conference presentation at last year's eResearch Australasia on scenario-based learning and in-house data management training for library staff. I started this in October 2014 but never finished it: it's time. The other thing that I am fired up about is a possible research project. I don't know yet how feasible this is but I am going to think more seriously about it.

Maybe by the time the next #blogjune rolls around I will be able to report some progress on both these activities. Until next year, adios amigas!